Relaxing Bedroom

Relaxing Bedroom

I feel like having a cool, calm, relaxing bedroom is so important in everyone’s life and something that in a lot of cases isn’t high on the priority list. This I can say because for years it wasn’t high on ours.!! Your room will never feel relaxing to you if it is full of things you need to get done, daily routine projects that need to be finished like clothes that need to be hung up, etc. If you need a dumping zone figure out a different spot in your home. Let your master bedroom be a space that is always clean and clutter free. If you have a dresser in your bedroom practice hard to form the habit of putting away your clothes as soon as you take them off or wash them. I also recommend keeping your decor simple – don’t over decorate.Too many things on your walls, side tables, etc. cos it can become distractions which makes it difficult for you to clear your mind and relax in your bedroom. I adore neutral coloured bedrooms, with delicate pieces of furniture and accessories. Lighting and the ambience it provides is really important and I do recommend up to three different lighting focal points within a room, ranging from ceiling lights to bedside lamps. It’s also fun to play with a variety of different light bulbs so that you can have a choice of whether to have a bright light on or something softer to suit your mood. Cushions and throws add character to a bedroom and provide different levels of texture which can make a Bedroom fabulous, calm & Relaxing..!!!

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